Constructed languages

Sometimes, for various reasons, people invent languages. There's different reasons for this—some have wanted to create international languages for world peace. Some have wanted to test the workability of certain linguistic ideas. Some have conlanged just for the fun of it. I, like many others, started creating languages to support an imaginary world.

On this page I present the conlangs I've worked on so far, and hopefully in the future will be able to put up some useful stuff about conlanging in general to help educate others.

Muke's Scratchpad

I set up a blog to host random conlang ideas. Read it!

Vocab of the Week

An archive of Aidan Grey's posts to CONLANG with example vocabulary and sentences for translation.

Nightwatch conlangs

Kirumb is the most complete language here so far. Spoken by terras (roughly, 'demihumans') in central/eastern Europe, till 4c. AD. It's pretty much a standard Indo-European language. There are supposed to be descendants of this language eventually but I have not fleshed them out yet: A, B, G, I.

Rami was an attempt at a more difficult, rather more convoluted language. Not much yet, plus it's kind of on hold. Spoken by daimyo (roughly, 'gargoyles') anywhere and at any time they happen to be. Language isolate, or maybe it will be Afro-Asiatic.

My obligatory "future/Martian English" conlang is Dunamy. Spoken by humans and terras in Dunemist, around 5c. AM. More and more ideas keep fixating on to this lately so it's kind of hard to keep up with, so this is quite incomplete.

One of my very few contemporary languages, Trentish is for trents, who are a kind of terras (roughly, 'ents'). Also very difficult, and being reinvented at present, so this is out of date.

A little language for little people, Skeskatai is spoken by brownies (roughly, 'little fluffies') in Dunemist town around 5c. AM. Classification unknown—I imagine it'd derive from Dunamy somehow, if not actually a dialect of it.

...a language for weredragons should go in here somewhere. Spoken from, say, 5c. AD to 20c. AD. So far I have a couple of pages on the proto-language for it: the sound changes and a list of roots are available.


Other conlangs

Ibran, formerly known as Nuif, is the language for my werewolf story (about which there is none yet). Contemporary Romance language, something like French. I like it, but it won't sit still.

Henaudute and Änä are both languages for the Arda project. Henaudute is spoken by humans on Arda, around 1600-2400 AM, and its descendant Änä afterwards (time frame uncertain). A Dele language.

Mira is Muke's idea of a perfect auxlang, haw haw haw! Er, actually it was for Nemo's story. Nothing on it yet.